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BY HRS hexagonal needle roller guide pillar
Flatness Material
0.003mm SUJ2 Bearing steel
Hardness Hole axis concentricity
HRC60 0.003mm
Diameter tolerance Surface finish
0.005mm Ra0.8

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Product Overview

HRS Hexagonal needle roller guide pillar is different from traditional guide pillar in that they use needle rollers, which reduce collision, friction, and vibration when protruding to achieve ultra-high precision linear motion.

Compared with steel ball guide pillar, needle roller can disperse the pressure, thus greatly improving the service life of the pillar, which is the perfect form of linear motion guide pillar.


1.High Rigidity.By adopting a high-precision wide needle roller, the rigidity is more than 10 times that of the previous steel ball type.

2.Low vibration.By adopting high-precision, wide-width needle rollers, we have achieved low pre-loading while ensuring rigidity, resulting in ultra-low vibration and smooth rolling.

3.High Precision.High-precision needle roller type columns achieve high rigidity, low vibration, and excellent linear motion, especially repeatability that is more than 3 times that of the steel ball type.

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