Project Description

Brand ProductName
BY VRAW anti-creep cross roller guide
Accuracy Grade Precision
P level (common)/UP Level (High precision) 0.003mm
Tolerance Surface Roughness
0.002mm Ra0.5
Flatness Height ofCenter
<0.01mm <0.005mm
Coasting Accuracy Structure
<0.01mm 4 cross roller quides +2 containers +8 end screws

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Product Overview

Zhiyuan Hardware Technologies VRAW anti-creep cross roller guide, is a linear guiding device in which assembled between two slide rails with V-shaped two-plane as track groove and cylindrical roller attached to cage.


1. The spline & gear are made by spark machine discharge machining, which is resistant to wear and corrosion.

2.The cage is not misaligned and can be used with confidence for high-speed, high-pitch runs and in riser shafts.

3.Cylindrical rollers with cages are assembled between the two cross roller guides so that the cylindrical rollers are arranged in a straight line in interaction, and thus can withstand loads in any direction.

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